Prevedel Saddlery

Custom handmade saddles, tack, and accessories


We produce many types and styles of saddles built to the customer's needs.  In addition, there are also many "add-ons" to any type of saddle which may include ornamental silver, tooling, stamping, and accessories.  The many styles of saddles produced include:

     Roping Saddles

     Ranch and Work Saddles

     Wade Buckaroo Saddles

     Barrel Racing Saddles 

     PRCA Bronc Saddles

In addition, other custom products are manufactured including a variety of western accessories such as Chaps and Chinks, Spur Straps, Rope Can Covers, and more.

Prevedel Saddlery is also unique in other services we provide.  This makes it a one-stop service center for the horseman.   Our other services include:

     Saddle and Tack Repair

     Restoration and Preservation of Vintage and Antique Saddles

     Research on Saddle Maker History

     Maintenance and Cleaning of Saddles

     Saddle Fitting to the Horse and Rider - See Book in Photo Gallery

What is unique about these products is that they are all custom designed and generally one-of -a kind produced specifically for the customer's needs, wants, and desires.




Our prices are competitive with most custom craftsmen. Leather prices continue to rise yearly as to saddle tree costs.   Today, starting prices for basic products include:

       Saddles - Standard $3500, Wade with hanging plate $3700, fully tooled starting at $3800+.

       Youth Bronc Saddle (Steers in Jr. High Rodeo) -  $850

       Chinks -    $350 - $500

       Rope Can Covers -  $200

        Spur Straps -   $75

        Rodeo Chaps (bulls and broncs) -  starting  $600

Further customization, embellishments, design, and accessories will add to the price.  Please call for a price quote on your specific needs.  We assure you will not be disappointed.  A deposit of 40 % is required on all orders, and shipping and State Sales Tax are extras.